Dave Ward  -  Hey dave!! The hugest thank you for everything you did for us this weekend. Time of our lives and you were just amazing. Hope it wasn't too difficult to get out of there at the end 🙈.. that bunch looked like they were ready to go on all night.                                         David Yapp  -  Absolutely AMAZING!!!!                                         Greig Lupke  -  Greig was outstanding!!!!! He was professional and kept the guests dancing until the very end!!! Thank you so much Greig for making our day so special!!!! We would definitely recommend Greig:)                                          Vivian Westergreen  -  I was very impressed with Vivian, he was very organised and everyone enjoyed the music.                                         Daniel Israel  -  DAniel was phenomenal! We have had raving feedback about the music from every guest, young and old. The dancefloor was never empty!!!! thank you so much Daniel!!!                                         Michael Zuma  -  Michael was great we had a blast. Our post gig debrief was also a good opportunity to thank him for also catering for our special request of having a keyboard setup for the canape session.                                         Clynt Lund  -  Clynt was on time and very professional. He catered well to the younger audience while not letting the older audience be forgotten. I will most certainly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a DJ in Durban. Top Jocks DJs are value for money and should be the go to for any party/function.                                         Slade Demosthenous  -  Awesome!                                          Gareth Jones  -  Gareth was incredible and will use him again and again.. top draw!